Catarina Riccabona


Perfectly imperfect - or should that be the other way around? An ideal way to describe the wonderful textile works of Catarina Riccabona. These woven masterpieces come together organically and with much skill and patience; each forming its own distinct patterns and clues which trace exactly how it was made at the loom. 

Working in London, Catarina is conscious of the environmental impact textile industries of all natures have. Her blankets and throw are produced using natural yarns like linen, hemp and alpaca - and any use of other yarns, like cotton, are always sourced from recycled textiles. Indeed, Catarina can often be found gathering up the 'waste warps' - the offcuts - from fellow weavers when they remove their works from the loom. These inject new colours, new knots and new identities into her textiles. 


Recent pieces from Catarina's studio have incorpated paper yarns into their weft too, stiffening them into beautiful wall panels that allow you to marvel at the craftsmanship behind them, knot by knot.