Mario Bellini


The distinctive silhouette and irresistibly bulbous modular sofas are only one facet of the remarkable career – spanning nearly sixty years - of Mario Bellini, designer-cum-architect extraordinaire.

During his twenty-eight years as chief design consultant at Olivetti from 1963, Bellini oversaw the design of all manner of household and workplace objects, from television sets to typewriters and even cars, and all with an unswerving eye for sleek detailing and functionality. Following his years at Olivetti, Mario Bellini has focused on bold and impressive buildings design projects, both in and around his native Milan (MiCo Convention Centre) and across the world (Tokyo Design Center). His solo retrospective at MoMa in 1987 was an outstanding accolade, unheard of for a living designer at the time. Mario Bellini continues to work on large architectural projects.