Claudia Rankin


Only the heartless would be able to resist Rankin’s pottery. Brightly coloured and a bit wonky, her creations remind me of the best efforts of a gifted yet slightly disturbed child, adorned as they are with a menagerie of animal characters simultaneously innocent and knowing. Hugo Guinness (The New York Times - T Magazine)

Childhood adventures taking in the ceramics collections at the V&A Museum quickly imbedded in Claudia Rankin a love for the stories, colours and patterns of ceramics through the ages. She has mastered a traditional approach, with her own fun and unexpected narratives - a Georgian tea caddy may appear as just that until you look at little closer...


With works that never fail to hide her love of animals and the natural world - and all manner of grins and grimaces - Claudia has been sure to produce ceramics that draw one in, make us smile, ask to be giggled at - and look wonderfully wacky on the mantelpiece!