Märta Måås-Fjetterström


The textiles of Märta Måås-Fjetterström are today as much a mainstay of traditional craftsmanship and technique as they were over a century ago when she started to produce from her studio.

Seeking to stay focussed on the artisan nature of the textiles she and those in her studio wove, Märta wrote that 'the connection between technique and form must never be broken'. She taught the women initially working with her the importance of sketching and using watercolours, creating an often colourful and flat idea before setting out on the loom. This and other methods, many unique to the studio, are used by the studio in Båstad, southern Sweden, still today.


Our collections of the studio's work ranges from masterly knotted pile rugs to small tapestries. Her works were being readily collected well before she died in 1941, and can be found in museum and gallery collections across the world. The studio continues to produce beautiful textiles in the spirit of the woman often called Europe's most skilled textile artist.