Jilly Edwards


"I have become intrigued by glimpses and moments, trying to capture the elements of my travels using abstracted elements that are influenced by the landscape, not literally but purely in the colour, texture, marks and memories."

There is great integrity in the tapestries of Jilly Edwards; a long and lively career has not dimmed the vibrancy and freshness found in her works one bit. Homing in on an idea - a landscape seen from train windows or over a dry-stone wall - Jilly sets about on the enormous loom in her studio to create with the yarns textures and tones, bit by bit, each as painterly as watercolours on canvas.


Abstract in format, the tapestries offer a glimpse into their creator's feelings and thoughts - her sights, emotions, sense of colour - but they do not limit the rest of us in what can be taken away from them on closer inspection. The beauty of Jilly's work is what one can still find in them time and time again.


Jilly's work has recently been exhibited in The Holburne in Bath, resides in the permanent collection at The Whitworth Gallery in Manchster and been commissioned for Newnham College (University of Cambridge), to name a few; Jilly is quite simply a doyenne of the textile arts world.