Joseph Goody


Starting his days in the studio with a coffee and a book, Joseph Goody can muse over the many things he finds influence him - from Rilke to riffs on his guitar. Abstract as his works may seem, there are seeds of structure and form sown into each of them.

The brightness and brilliance of Joseph's canvases illustrate that definite shift between the structural, well-thought-out process one sees across classical art, and the undiluted spontaneity Joseph clearly has simmering inside of him. The layers of paint and the shapes they create merge, obscure and sometimes even seem to fuse. His works, in whatever size or medium, leave the viewer with questions of how, why and what unfolded to create that which they see before them - a great outcome for any artist!


New to us this year at 8 Holland Street, it's with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Joseph and his marvellous canvases which now don our gallery walls. Find out more about Joseph in our latest Up Our Street feature, coming soon...