1690 Ceramics


The wonderfully wacky world of 1690 Ceramics' creative force Sophie Wilson draws not only on the folkloric tales that abound in the area surrounding her home in the Fens, but also the keen eyes of her ceramic forefathers and far-flung creative traditions - always with her own jaunty twist.

If you go down to the woods today - alright, the Fens - you're sure for a big surprise!

 Beavering away in her 16th Century house, Sophie produces ceramics with more than a passing nod to traditional form and function. However, their beautifully illustrated surfaces give away the fact we are in the presence of a one-woman genius, a modern day Imari extraordinaire. Her ceramics have something important to say, even when it isn't spelled out in front of you!


Our exclusive famille verte collection of vases and lamps from 1690 Ceramics is a huge treat - we never tire of handling, staring and marvelling at their flagbearerers and cavalrymen. A bold step away from what Sophie has produced before, we can't wait to see the results of whatever next is fizzing away in that magical mind...