Carl Malmsten for Sjögren


Carl Malmsten created his furniture for Swedish design house Sjögren as one creates a work of art - he wanted to express something; a feeling or a quality. His designs are still being produced by them - overseen by the fourth generation of the Sjögren family, who we are excited to be working with.

Sjögren's collaboration with Carl Malmstem began in the 1950s, when the company took designs hitherto only produced for Malmsten's select clients, promising to produce them in a larger quantity without compromising on their impeccable craftsmanship and classic style.


Malmsten's models soon became a byword for Swedish style of the utmost elegance and prestige, but not at the cost of losing their homeliness. They harbour names like 'Samsas' - getting on well together - and 'Hemmakväll' - an evening at home ... they ask us to do what it says on the tin!