Alvaro Picardo


If manners maketh man, shades maketh lamp and Alvaro Picardo's simple designs are a pleasure to behold - for us and for him; 'for me humble materials represent a fantastic opportunity. With just a little love, they can become so much more.'

A bold, elegant and ever-fresh stripe has held Alvaro in good stead! His lampshades are for him the start of something new and exciting after years of commissions - wonderful though they are - and design transformations. When he saw an old lampshade knocking about, he knew exactly what it needed...


Hailing from Barcelona, with its rich visual culture, and having now lived in London for nearly thirty years, he immerses himself in the inspiration drawn from classic designs and Modernism - indeed, his lampshades are Modernist to their core: fresh and new on a form wholly recognoisable.