May 10, 2018

A conversation between the textile designer Catarina Riccabona, design historian Constance Karol Burks and Julia Ast from GGHQ Fashion Intelligence. The discussion will be lead by 8 Holland Street’s curator, Rowena Morgan-Cox, and will focus on the panel’s shared concerns regarding sustainability, mechanisation and computerisation, good practise and weaving heritage.


Catarina Riccabona is one of 8 Holland Street’s contemporary designers. She is a hand weaver working predominantly with linen, hemp, wool and alpaca. Riccabona’s practise is influenced by her interest in sustainable living, creating responsible and environmentally friendly rules to guide her weaving practice. Her work will be on sale in the exhibition Art / Craft.


Connie Karol Burks is a textile historian and Assistant Curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, where she previously worked as research assistant on the current exhibition Fashioned from Nature. Connie’s recent research has focused on the design, production and promotion of British wool textiles in the interwar period. From 2011 to 2016 Connie helped to set up the London Cloth Company, a small-scale cloth mill weaving on rescued and refurbished machinery dating from 1870 to 1970.


Julia Ast works for GGHQ the the UK and Republic of Ireland strategic partner for CELC, the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp. She is currently working on the UK's first consumer-focused campaign to promote the benefits of flax and linen through retail partnerships, education and high profile event sponsorship. Ast trained first as a textile designer at Chelsea College of Art.


For more information or to book tickets please email: info@8hollandstreet.com.