House & Garden

July 5, 2022

Tobias Vernon of 8 Holland Street was asked by Keira Buckley-Jones of House & Garden 'What will become the must-have antiques of the future?'. 


Leading the vanguard  of Cross Collecting is 8 Holland Street, which balances traditional antiques, with mid-century and objects of unknown origin. The founder Tobias Vernon finds the word ‘antique’ itself troublesome. “Whilst it can allude to the specific period a piece was created, it can equally be taken out of context and removed from a pedestal to [refer to] functional, day-to-day objects to live around. I’d rather not define things as antique or not. I avoid the crustiness of too many terms.


Vernon enjoys breaking the rules, merging pieces to create a liveable aesthetic. “I love the idea of a heavily carved oak chest from the seventh century alongside 1970s Magistretti fibreglass chairs in primary yellow.” Through this union of objects, the concept of a prized antique is turned on its head.