8 Holland Street is thrilled to announce Catarina Riccabona: 'Siblings', an exhibition of handcrafted paper-yarn ‘tapestries’ at Eight Holland Street’s St James’s Park Flagship. This new body of work is site specific which weaves between the artist’s transformative, self healing practice in textiles and the personal familial relationship between her own siblings. A practice which was organically formed, from distinct patterns and clues, tracing the journey from the loom to the here and now. Siblings presents a united collection of 14 tapestries made up of 26 individual panels. 


The exhibition opens on Thursday 9th May 2024.  


Catarina Riccabona explores structural effects such as knots, floats and cut floats, in turn connections are built and inject both disparity, and togetherness into these ‘Siblings’. The main recurring theme in this body of work is an arrangement of blocks, taken from the weave notation for sateen. "Sateen is, technically speaking, a weave structure that produces the smoothest possible surface in a fabric, with parallel threads lying closely in both warp and weft. While smoothness as a tactile quality is absent in these works, the idea of smoothness is very much present, expressed by the block pattern. It represents the longing that relationships in my family become smooth again."


Catarina Riccabona (b.1973 Linz, Austria) is a weaver and textile artist based in Cockpit Studios, Deptford, London. Having studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins, 2007, Riccabona continued to hand weave and build a practice collaborating with interior designers, curators and private collectors.