Champion | An exhibition with Claudia Rankin & Isaac Benigson: 8 HOLLAND STREET, BATH | 15 JUNE - 22 JULY

8 Holland Street is thrilled to announce Champion an exhibition of a courageous nature with Claudia Rankin and Isaac Benigson from the 4 May - 10 June, 8 Holland Street, W8 4LT. The show will then travel to our Bath Gallery from 15 June - 22 July. 


Claudia Rankin's ceramic sculptures, caddies and fierce, cowardly creatures are cast and hand built in clay, finally glazed in Rankin’s canary yellow and decorated in the emblems and motif’s from her vast library of references; Picasso to Colbert and Romanesque church carvings to Mexican folk art. Baring their teeth, pearls and lippy, Isaac Benigson’s proud portraits are scathingly - lovingly painted with acrylic on canvas and daubed with ribbons and rosettes. Benigson’s portraits form part of an ongoing series entitled Calendar Girls.


The exhibition Champion is shown alongside 8 Holland Street’s London gallery relaunch with a curation of works from the artists, makers and designers that we have been championing since our inception, they are a true representation of 8 Holland Street’s aesthetic.