Emma Alcock


"It is difficult to write about work as restrained and elusive as Alcock’s. Words fall clumsy in the face of the images she excavates, deliberately but instinctively, out of her consciousness of being present." Julian Spalding

Emma Alcock is a London-based artist and has lived and worked from the city for the past thirty years, studying at The Royal College of Art in the early 1990s. 


With each of Emma's works there is a comforting lack of chaos or disorder, and instead an overarching sense of calm - a state that remains with you for some time after viewing them. The subtlety in meaning and understanding found in her works leaves you reflecting on everything from relationships and social confines to everyday objects that we surround ourselves with, imbuing them with a new significance.


This isn't to even touch on the mastery behind how these works are created. Close inspection will show the careful build up in colours and layers, which cloak Emma's work in a complete ethereality, successfully contributing to that uncanny feeling the viewer will doubtless take away with them.