Tyga Helme


Differing dappled tones and quick brush - or pen - strokes denote the moment-in-time nature of Tyga Helme's work, capturing that which can't necessarily be caught again. 

Based at her quiet Wilstshire studio, it is no wonder Tyga is so inspired to produce the beautiful works she does; the light constantly shifting and with wide expanses in which to witness it all, season into season - she's ready to get outdoors with her sketchbook. Works on paper from trips to India exude heat and vibrancy, paintings from hidden coves conjure slippery rocks and salty freshness.


Immersing herself fully when drawing from life, the moment itself may be fleeting and ephemeral, but Tyga finds herself returning to the same fields and the same coastlines, taking in and getting down in paint and ink the inexhaustible magic they have to offer.